Sunday, March 18, 2012

Views of Australia

Gardener's House, Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne 

Orientation map at Quarantine Station, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Started Australia trip with these 2 day packs.  Six weeks later I used a rolling suitcase.

Sailing away from Port of Melbourne

Tasmania landscape

Allendale Gardens, Tasmania.

Table Cape tulip farm, Tasmania.

Bennett's wallaby, Tasmania.

Cradle Mt. landscape at sunset.

Launceston, Tasmania.

Napoleon Pear Tree, Launceston City Park.

Great Oyster Bay, Freycinet National Park in the distance. Tasmania.

Spiked stone bridge built by 19th c. prisoner-laborers.  Tasmania.

Fruit Market in Hobart, Tasmania.

Queensland landscape.

Stained glass window, church in Warwick, Qnsld.

Near the National Art Museum, Canberra

The 40 Year Embassy- Occupy Camp at Old Parliament Building. Canberra.

Next group of photos taken around Great Oyster Bay, and Freycinet National Park Peninsula. Note the volcanic rock formations around the bay basin.

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